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  • MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner  v.2.00.07MP3 Audio Recorder Joiner-make high-quality recordings directly from your sound card and save the recording directly into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and RAW files. Join/Merger multiple files into one big files, edit the id3 information for your files.
  • MP3 Audio Batch Converter  v.3.00.07MP3 Audio Batch Converter supports converting batches of audio formats MP3 WAV WMA and OGG from one to another directly with high quality. sopports Normaolizing. It can support MP3 files to WAV files for burning on an audio CD.
  • MP3 Recorder Joiner  v.1.10A powerful and complete audio recorder studio of your computer ...
  • H264AVCommunication  v.1.85H264AVCommunication is a audio and video communication program for Windows. You can communicate with your friends using high quality video and audio effect with a low bandwidth, no matter how far he are !because H264 video encoder and MP3 audio ...
  • Mdb (media database)  v.1.0mdb (media database) organizes your ogg and mp3 audio files. mdb copies playlists of 1000's of tracks almost instantly. This allows a simple intuitive approach to constructing complex playlists. mdb uses external audio ...
  • Rippy  v.1.2Rippy is a script designed to make ripping DVDs easier. It uses mplayer and mencoder to transcode a video to another format. Features: automatic bitrate calculation based on desired target size; automatic crop detection; mp3 audio with ...
  • TV_ENCODE!  v.1.6TV_ENCODE! is a textual front end for MEncoder which allows the user to record live TV from NTSC, PAL, ATSC (or any future form) to industry standard MPEG-4 Video with MP3 Audio (DivX Compatible). Support for multiple capture ...
  • YAMS  v.1.0Yet Another set of MEncoder Scripts; a source package of highly configurable, easy to use, and effective scripts for ripping DVD / VCD video (or transcoding other formats) to industry standard MPEG4 video format with MP3 audio (DivX ...
  • Yarec/PL  v.1Yarec/PL is a audio recorder/player, based on yarec-0.65ornated with some improvements, like level meter, recording series, start/stop recording by timer, mixer support. DISCONTINUED, because of upcoming EU-PATENT ISSUES.
  • Supercast  v.0.12.3Supercast is a SHOUTcast-compatible streaming MP3 audio server for Unix.
  • Daudio  v.0.3Daudio is a set of programs to have fully syncronized, distributed mp3 audio over a local network.
  • M-Player for Linux  v.1.0M-Player is a Mp3 Audio Player using SDL as graphiclibrary and Fmod as soundlibrary.
  • Streaming Audio  v.9.8Wyka-Warzecha AMiniSpeak streaming audio is an exciting new product that allows you to easily speech enable your website, with NO PLUGIN HASSLES! This means that 99% of your vistors can always hear you, quickly! Plus, you can ...
  • KCast  v.0.3KCast is an audio streaming server and GUI playlist editor.
  • SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition  v.5.3SPACEWatch Pro 5 Enterprise Edition is a major new version of this storage management tool that allows IT staff to pinpoint storage misuse and waste across their organisation, addressing compliance, improving reliability and reducing costs.
  • Scilla  v.0.9.9Scilla answers media file requests and takes conversion parameters for various media converters.
  • Openquicktime  v.2.0a1OpenQuicktime aims to be a portable library for handling Apple?
  • Xlv  v.0.8XLV is a fast light development framework for multimedia applications like players ...
  • LinuxVideoEncoder  v.1.00LinuxVideoEncoder is an application for fast multiple movie conversion.
  • Text to Voice For Linux  v.1.03Text to Voice is a Firefox extension that gives your browser the power of speech.
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